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Professionally Trained Protection Dogs for sale. Belgian Malinois Protection Dogs & Dutch Shepherd Protection Dogs. Ready for work, Highly Intelligent, Prefered by Military & Law Enforcement. Top Blood lines. See available Trained Protection Dogs online

We sell and train high class personal protection dogs. Call 786-280-7352 or contact us directly for more information.

Mido Brn|19567

This is our gorgeous stud ! He is a Knpv ph1 with a perfect score 435/435 pts.That got him an invitation to the knpv championships were he scored 429 /435 pts.He’s a son of the famous Jary Berghorst who is a super producer and has great offspring through out the world. Mido is a social ,clear headed dog with crushing bites and weighs 85 lbs.His toy and hunt drive are over the top.He also has very promising offspring in Holland and Germany.This is a very rare stud to see in the states with his great accomplishments and bloodlines don’t miss out on owning a pup from him.Mido is avaliable to approved females and his frozen semen to.Feel free to contact us or check with us for his upcoming litters.Take a look at his bloodlines http://www.bloedlijnen.nl/?BRN=19567

KNPV Ph1 Biko Brn |25680 (Big Roy son)

knpv dutch shepherd
knpv Ph1 Biko 434 pts. Nominations 430 pts

This got him an invitation to the championships!

He is a son of the champion Big Roy! Biko bloodlines

are great and well known throughout the world.We are

very happy to have him.He has a great crushing bite

and superb toy drive .

Dutch Shepherd Odin

Dutch Shepherd Odin
Odin is a young dutch shepherd that has a crushing bite. He is good around other animals and kids.He has solid nerves.
His toy drive and hunt drive are over the top!
He has superb bloodlines as he is a son of our stud Mido.He would be great for  personal protection ,Sport or law enforcement .

Videos available upon request.

Belgian Malinois female for sale

Belgian Malinois femaleThis young female is a Kuno Roosen daughter.

She has a great crushing bite and loves her toy also.

she would be great for any breeding program also good for sport or personal protection work.She is social and ready to go to a loving home.