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Belgian Malinois puppies

Allpurposek-9 is proud to see that our Belgian Malinois and dutch shepherds puppies  are working as police dogs through out the U.S.A .We have also send offspring of our black belgian malinois stud dog mido back to holland and have done well in the knpv program by achieving a title and as a ph1 dog.We also have belgian malinois puppies that have titled in PSA a very difficult dog sport.Our bloodlines have puppies doing well allover the states.Let us help you find your next Malinois puppy or your Dutch shepherd puppy! We have several breedings throughout the year with Dutch shepherds and also black Malinois puppies ,all puppies come dewormed and fully vaccinated and throughly checked by our vet before getting picked up or leaving Florida in an airplane to the new destination. We strongly advice our clients once they get there puppy to start socialization with there new puppy right away and taking there dog everywhere possible supermarket ,park ,gun range ,feed store which will help,you get at very strong and confident Belgian Malinois puppy.This type of upbringing will help you all around with your new companion and make him confident everywhere he goes this is super important and its part of our breeding program tips for clients whic we provide for free seven days a week . Then we advice to seek a professional trainer to develop the bitework In your Malinois or Dutch shepherd puppy so you can start it right away with A rag and do sessions several times  week so your puppy can get a very solid foundation and start seeing his prey drive come out as the sessions proceed.All this time and effort will make your bond and relationship with your puppy and excellent experience and you will see your new family member grow and turn into a superb personal protection dog as he matures in age .If these steps are followed with your puppy you will have a great dog with over the top toy drive ,great obedience and strong crushing bites on all equipments possible from the rag to the sleeve to the bodysuit and the hidden sleeve finally .Our breeding program has dogs doing great in these phases through the United States and makes us very proud to see when customers call us  and send us videos of there Belgian Malinois puppies growing up and shining in bitework and obedience even some gaining titles in PSA ,French Ring ,KNPV or IPO which are amazing accomplishments for our breeding program and for the handlers of the dogs .So these our are guidelines and protocol that we show our clients and teach them so they can be happy and get the best results possible the Malinois and dutch shepherd is a working breed that requires a lot of work and affection on a daily basis once these routines are established its sky the limit with them ,They never stop learning and very eager to please that’s what makes the Belgian Malinois and Dutch shepherd the best dog in the world so call us today so Allpurposek-9 can provide you with a Belgian Malinois puppybelgian malinois puppies