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BElgian Malinois Puppies for sale

This is our Black belgian malinois mido a solid and proven producer from some of the best bloodlines in Europe and in the U.S.A. Mido has produced police dogs which are keeping our streets safe and also has offspring in the swat team these are amazing accomplishments that his belgian malinois offspring has been accomplishing through out his years of breeding.We focus our breeding program and heavily socializing our puppies so they can excel as adults our puppies go through extensive testing from slippery floors to grass and concrete so nothing will surprise them.Then we show our belgian malinois and dutch shepherd puppies different noises from clatter sticks ,loud music ,whip noises and plastic bottles full of rocks to ensure that they are not scared of any scenario when they get older.These are all different steps of our breeding program that we do to ensure that we produce solid puppies and prepare them for when they go to protect there new families or the new police k-9 department our goal is for them to be ready to work and please there new families and handlers at all times. Allpurposek-9 also gurantees the health of our dogs and free tips to our clients since every dog we provide makes you part of our family.Belgian malinois are super loyal dogs and very affectionate but they require alot of attention and work.Alot of detail from when you get your belgian malinois or dutch shepherd puppy will depend on how good your dog turns out specially having a good trainer and taking things step by step with no rush will emphasize having a good stabile sound dog ninth future with good bite work and excellent obedience which is the ultimate goal of every family or handler in which they desire there dog to work at.