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Allpurposek-9 has several breedings through out the year .We have belgian malinois puppies and also dutch shepherds available.we have a big demand due to our exclusive bloodlines from Holland and also our great stud dog Mido.He is producing great dogs all over the world and his frozen semen is available to approved customers.Before you purchase your next puppy do your research and study the bloodlines you are interested in this is very important because this is a new family member and a long term relationship .Your puppy will take care of your family and home and for that reason this is a priceless investment.We have excellent belgian malinois and dutch shepherd females with some of the best knpv bloodlines in the U.S.A that will ensure that our breedings will produce over the top malinois and dutch shepherd puppies for police ,home protection ,dog sports ,law enforcement and every possible category that a malinois or dutch shepherd can be used for.Allpurposek-9 has two very good studs at the moment that competed in the knpv championships and have proven offspring working in all phases and throughout the states like Florida ,Texas ,California and so many other places. We also have semen available from our studs fresh and frozen is available upon request thats included in our stud fee services so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss these options.Shipping puppies is also a great option if you can’t pick up your puppy or fully trained malinois or dutch shepherd in our florida based kennels ,we can also have them driven to you if you do not desire via airplane we cater to all our clients needs and are happy to give them the best customer service ,all of our fully trained personal protection dogs come with a handler course and we also offer a puppy training program which will develop your puppies biter work ,hunt ,prey drive and everything they need to become a very well trained dog and succeed in all aspects for it new house .To buy a belgian malinois puppy from us it is very important to place a deposit way in advance via PayPal ,bank wire or cash is also accepted since our clients reserve way in advance you need to call us or email us so we can assist you to reserve your malinois or dutch shepherd .We are available 7 days a week to assist our clients and answer all questions pertaining to buy your malinois or dutch shepherd puppy that is our specialty so don’t wait any longer and call us so we can provide you the best puppy possible for your loving home can’t wait to here from allpurposek-9 is waiting to assist you.